Moblie Security BYOD

Mobile Security (BYOD)

The ubiquitous use of smartphones and tablets at work and at home is now part of our lifestyle. Using your mobile devices at work (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) is a trending practice. Simply think of using your personal cell phone for work (or vice versa).   BYOD comes in many forms, from the ad hoc use of personal devices to supplement corporate endpoints, to replacing corporate-owned devices entirely.  Because of this trend, organizations are improving productivity, satisfaction, talent recruitment and employee retention.

As with other computing trends, however, comes the security issue that a device may introduce new threats or compromise the integrity of the workplace network and computing environment.  This is a major concern of IT departments today.

To address this issue, Cloud Security is developing a proprietary Mobile Security suite of products that will provide a robust mobile device management solution.

The system starts with installation of a mobile app that provides secured encryption between the remote server environment and the device; it also provides scanning of the device to inoculate the device against threats.  Soon, the suite will deliver role-based management, configuration, security and support for corporate and employee-owned devices.